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"Timeworx delivers the goods Promptly & Carefully"
  • 'Dear Paul.
    Thanks for the prompt response in servicing my order. It is much appreciated.
    This is the second time I have purchased from Timeworx and I must say how user friendly your website is, and how well you protect the products during transit.

    I had a previous supplier but invariably ended up with damaged goods, especilly the hands, that couln't be used...... but your product is superior, especially the fitting of the hands. Also I was pleasntly surprised to receive a free battery with each movement.
    I have referred your company information on to other teachers. I will forward some photo's to you of some of the finished clocks made by the pupils on completion. To use their terminology, "they are cool". Some of them are really good.

    Thanks again and regards, Brian Graham.'

  • 'Hello Paul & Cherie.
    I hope you both had a great weekend. It is 5:00 oclock Sunday here right now.

    I want to thank you for your great service & communication for me. My clock works great. It is a Mastercraft saw blade clock whick is a real steel saw blade. The minute hand is a replica metal saw blade & the hour hand is a hammer. (Mastercraft makes tools for Canadian Tire stores here). I bought if from a freind for $5.00 as it wasn't working.

    It keeps great time now. I will pass the word to anyone & everyone I can to order from you if they ever need clock parts.

    Thanks again.
    You all take care eh.
    (Us Canadians say eh a lot... LOL - We're known for that...)
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