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 Wilheim keininger (1907-1985) with his original H movement
Kieninger from its very beginning, has stayed with its traditions - the manufacture of technically advanced, high quality mechanical movements and complete clocks.
So that, today, Kieninger is recognised the world over as the industry leader in the supply of quality mechanical movements.
Kieninger clocks are noted amoung the classics of the industry and some have even been, or are, currently shown in famous clock museums.

Wilhelm Kieninger (1907-1985) with his original H movement

Kieninger clocks satisfy the highest demands, and captivate with their high level of elegance, craftmanship and reliability. State of the art technology - combined with selected woods, the finest materials, and the experience of 90 years in crafting clocks and clock movements - provide this guarantee.
Kieninger movements offer a multitude of (patented or patents pending) technical specialities:-
  • All movements include patented automatic night shut off features between 10.00pm and 7.15 am(4/4 hour movements) or 10.00pm and 7.00am(1/2 hour movements - patent pending
  • Kieninger movements offer Graham anchor escapements and patented automatic beat adjustment.
  • Limited mantle clocks include Swiss escapements.
  • True second hand feature available on most models.
  • Kieninger movements feature many stainless steel components and all pinions are finished in a special process developed by Kieninger to reduce friction and wear.
  • Most cable and some chain driven movements are fitted with "maintaining power" feature to provide continuous power while the movement is being wound.
  • All cable movements with 4/4 chime have separate chime off features for melody and hour chimes.
  • Cable movements for the H, K and M series movements have special winding stops limiting the drop and winding range for the weights.
  • Some floor clocks are offered with the Kieninger KSU triple chime movement with patented automatic chime sequencing OR the KSU-16 rod triple chime movement, another innovative first in the industry, giving the choice of the melodies 'Westminster-Bird Hunter-Ode to Joy', every hour.
  • Kieninger offer their top movement - HTU 06 - available in "EK" - perpetual calendar option, with 9 tubular gongs, polished movement, bronze bushes, and 12 jewels.
    This superb movement is available in a range of cases.

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