About Us

Where it started

Timeworx started life in 1996 when the owner - Paul O'Brien started building a range of designer style, mantle and wall clocks, in acrylic -as well as various promotional clocks using formed acrylic dials.

Success of these early designs prompted the need for a wider range of movements and hands. Due to the limited range of clock parts available in New Zealand and their high cost, Timeworx decided to investigate import of their own range of movements, hands and inserts. Discussions with other local clock makers showed a wider need for suitable movements and hands at a reasonable price. 

Armed with this knowledge, a whirlwind tour of Germany, Asia and China was organised to find suitable suppliers of quartz movements, hands, inserts, dials, mechanical movements and other associated clock parts.

Suffice to say, these early forays into the world of horological parts suppliers proved successful, and now, Timeworx is the leading supplier of clock parts for New Zealand.

The Timeworx product range now includes office, school and world time clocks systems from Swiss Mobatime, large indoor and outdoor 24v and 230v master slave clocks and large tower clock equipment for public buildings.

What We Stand For

Timeworx aims to provide the widest range of clock parts at the best prices with the best in service.
Timeworx will also provide detailed catalogues, production information and assistance in the use of our products.

Give Us Feed Back

We would like to know about your clock project, how we can help, and what we can do to improve our product range, systems and service.
Please email us, as to how we can help or do better.

Timeworx People

Paul - "The Boss" Founder and Director. Ace mountain biker, art collector and avid watcher of Star Trek.
Martin - "Telephone Man". Martin takes the messages and makes ordering easy. Brilliant architect, mountain biker and lover of fine food !
Cherie - "The Worker", furiously makes up orders and helps those of you who are not quite sure what to buy!! Cherie, mother of two, Motorsport mad (in love with Mika Hakinen) and has been with Timeworx since 1999.