• Precision Hand KS320

Minute hand = 155mm, Hour hand = 115mm 

Precision hands are suitable for Wellgain quartz clock movements models HQ3268 SHC to HQ3268 SHF, and our WP33 SHD to WP33SHF pendulum movements

See Wellgain STANDARD movements - See Wellgain PENDULUM Movements

Hands are EITHER made from tempered aluminium which is then lacquered (painted) with the colour

OR cut from brass sheet and hand polished prior to application of a clear lacquer

Unlike the General Purpose hands with exposed aluminium edges,  these hands are painted or polished on the edges proving a more professional look.

Colours available  - BLACK


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Precision Hand KS320

  • Manufacturer: Karl Schar
  • Product Code: Precision Hand KS320
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $4.25

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